Virgo Weekly Horoscope

From February 24 to March 1

Work: Try to focus the mind about your great creativity and stops criticizing the fellow, wastes too much energy and valuable time in it. One reconciles with his times, does not squander moments that can be of benefit. You will know to work so that nothing you need, using his creativity and imagination, although the money is little. This learning (or training) will be to you very useful in the future knowing how to administer your goods with increased responsibility. This one will be a year much more Pacific that the previous year and will allow think and to organize with much more clarity him, if it is really in his conscious desire personal overcoming, the internal growth and the attainment of your dreams… to begin today is the goal of the today. “You will reap his sowing”…

Love: The native ones that shares familiar meetings and celebrations with friends, will change your mood in a favorable way, you will be willing to establish a flowing dialog with your partner, as well as your sexual relations will remarkably improve. Excellent moment of intimate understanding. Great impetus to initiate new activities. To be able and charisma of the day at your service. For singles majors: make sure yourself a partner and stops dreaming about impossible. It goes to reliable people to comment your projects. This one can be a year very free for You, and somewhat solitary concerning a necessity of greater introspection, necessary for the spiritual growth.

Health: The people majors will have to take care of the bones and the joints. Good moment to begin a new activity that improves its yield at other levels. Try to stay in calm and not to consider gossips of third parties that do not appreciate it well. The spiritual power is translated simply and following the law of the smaller effort, like unconditional love, personal overcoming, and capacity for leadership, thus naturally and without will. The happiest and loved people are those that seed gratefulness and love. Innocent questionings to recover the power to change and to return to the Present Earth, to obtain the vision that can of the have lost in the way automatism: What disappointment finished with my plans of life?

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