Virgo Weekly Horoscope

From August 10 to August 16

Work: It solves problems without discussing nor fighting. By the good ones you can until being productive a bad day, by the bad ones can get to lose much more than it imagines. Success is next to the wisdom, intelligence, patience, work, will, spiritual harmony, happiness, joy to live, gratefulness, return, lasting and complete love… to be. It is moment for leaving the routine, a new activity it is offered to you, it been necessary to say that if to everything what one talks about his true vocation. This will result in new projects, or challenges, or job offers. The negation of your true way only leads to an abyss. Do not allow that a psychic crisis prevents him to advance, good moment for businesses if manage to raise the spirit.

Love: Its immaturity affects the affection, try to control to its self-centered side and think in yours. Do not be irresponsible, take your time to meditate before acting. Intense delivery on the part of its partner, does not fail to take advantage of this opportunity of being happy and for spending moments of great passion. Everything is not work in life. The meditation can help it to unite all facets and to begin to yourself to know. Do not delay the changes for the future: do not put his own stones in the way, are most difficult to clear… It increases his predisposition to colds, colds and problems with the respiratory system. It solves this with dose of Vitamin C. will face deep anxieties and abandonments that you will have to surpass for power to prosper in love.

Health: If the labor pressures oppress familiar you must try to harmonize your life avoiding all type of aggressive situations and states of nervousness that can lead to a deterioration of your physical and emotional health. Another option is to choose the aid of a professional, to begin a good therapy. The excesses in the drunk meals and can cause the evils majors. The vesicle could become the organ that is suffered more before similar immoderation. Its partner will be to as much and is the one who can help it to surpass this moment. Do not ignore to the Nature, in your gifts is the answer and the way to an ensured success.

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