Virgo Weekly Horoscope

From January 25 to January 31

Work: In these days conflicting situations and discords can appear. One feels pressed neither before true reproaches, the solution it is to agree to and to spend this moment unfavorable, look your own self and is the more comprehensive. The responsibility does not evade trying to fix things. He is necessary then, to reach a concentration power that forges the force energetic necessary to develop the force to ask, as it shoots with an arrow directed and accurate, and thus to transmute our order in a mandate for the Universe. Green Dress yourself up of or violet today, some detail will be enough to attract the necessary energy for the accomplishment of different moments, for the necessary change, a fresh start.

Love: Do not neglect your beloved one, try to be more communicative and than his dark side one does not interpose. You can enter a state of much anguish because of the stress through which you are going through, is not let dominate nor win. Whenever love doubts your own divinity remembers the force of and stop worrying final result of the, the power that you will generate for Same You will be immense. You will have to deliver an attack to follow a little the reserves and restrained characterize that it before any newness and even if it is only once to risk a little. Ask to yourself: I am able to be another man and to modify of my life?

Health: Take care of yourself of the stress brought about by excess of work or labor problems. Take consults about your doctor and, you can, days of rest next about your dear beings. Put together parts that compose reality to achieve in making necessary changes in your life and thus to achieve progress and personal overcoming, from knowledge, which is a major task to obtain. Today it is a very mental day, everything that has to do with thinking either practical or philosophical is positive. Leave manual or physical work for today, you are dedicated think, make calculations and take decisions that require of deep concentration.

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