Virgo Monthly Horoscope

September 2020

There comes a period when love will be the order of the day, and must be first on your agenda. Do not leave it blank or fill us with fear: we must face it for what it is. That opportunity for someone values us the best of ourselves. And this month, the moon will be in your sky, and you know how that affects you. Claim that you put your feelings in front, and you stop to analyze the suitability of this or this other movement. There are acts that you should not be thinking about, who should rush blindly and love is one of them. So this decision that has plagued you for some time now has only one solution, and that is saying yes. Get what your heart truly desires. No point in denying what you feel and how you feel. Venus moves into the North Node 19, and will be the time when you perceive a change in the attitude of your love object. You reap what you deserve, fruit that will satisfy the desires of your heart. Do not underestimate the value of romance in your life: you are not an island, you will not be one. Do not get carried away by the current on us and makes us sail a whole trip. Do not be discouraged by small disagreements: long anyway, love makes a way, and makes its spaces. Between two lovers there is a new world, untouched and unexplored.

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