Virgo Monthly Horoscope

November 2020

We must stand up to adversity, which these days have become embedded in that person not entirely clear what your true intentions and your actual values. Despite the force that insists on opposing your goals, which is at the bottom of their resistance is a misunderstanding: do not know who you are and that, at bottom, both look for the same. There are times when we must take off the masks that have become our social facade, and this is one of those periods. You have to approach that person that has become your antagonist, and show who you really are. Mars rules over your sky, and their influence on you is not always beneficial. And instead puts you in a violent predisposition. We must take steps backward when the heart races. You know some times the best approach is to turn the other cheek, but the War star tends to make you forget who you are. Count to ten and deliver the best of yourself. You are in a delicate position because someone has put you in the spotlight, insisting to attack you and your initiatives. The worst thing you can do is take advice from Mars and do a frontal attack. Mercury, by mid-month, starts transit toward the red planet, and betters your communication skills and your ability to make yourself understood.

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