Virgo Monthly Horoscope

April 2020

This is a period in which we should work in the professional sphere. We are demanding perfectionism, something that is natural to the sign of Virgo. We must not give space for improvisation or apathy. Come shake, winds of change, and we need to be prepared in the most effective way possible: with a proactive attitude, with an open heart to the effort and give the best of each of us. The moon is high in your sky this fourth month of the year. A presence that should make you a greater perfection in everything you do, especially in the areas of work. Do not let the comfort and custom that part of you required to give up the best of you. Come changes in your work and need to be dealt with the wisest possible attitude, and that is a step ahead of what will happen. That way you will not only neutralize the bad: you're going to harness the power of its momentum and surf on the crest of the wave. What does this change mean? Your ruling star, Mercury will be in Pisces: This result indicates changes that have more to do with emotions than with economics. This tells us that we have reached a point of dissatisfaction at work, and it's time to change. Must not be in a position only because of the security it offers. It is necessary that you have the job that also allows you to exercise your passions, the real, and not meet the formality of obtaining a salary. It's in your hands now that you know: in the end you're the one who chooses the way forward. You have the opportunity to get to do it.

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