Virgo Monthly Horoscope

December 2022

We must get ready , because this month they will not get things easy : it is necessary to step forward and to resist changes that we want to sell as beneficial , but ultimately only going to leave holes in us. You have to stick to your principles and values. Only certainties heart you must find the way to keep you safe social whims. We must stand against the current and true to what we believe as of right and necessary. Mars moves to focus on your sky for much of the last month of the year. Things will not be easy: You feel an opposition in all spheres of life: home, love, work ... Have you gone astray? No, but the star of War ... likes to test us and see what we're made. The good news is that you're not wrong. The bad news is that most of the people around you have a crisis of credibility to what you do and plan. You need to prove with facts, which have a clear direction, it is necessary to keep at it. The others are there to become the mirror back to us as we are ... and sometimes as the force that compels us to hold onto the rudder to stay on course. Doubts are necessary. And they are especially if they come from those who know us. You have to let those doubts molded our plans, measure our limits, help us discover our true face in the mirror ... but we must not allow ourselves to immobilize. We must accept the doubt, but not infect her. Mars knows how to listen, but in the end only serves the reasons for his heart.

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