Virgo Monthly Horoscope

February 2024

You must forget to follow at work or economic activity that had been done without substantial changes. You need your working relationship with all the strength you can. Do not forget that a job is more than the salary: useless works that does not take you to areas of real growth, and instead only hampers your career, and makes you retrace three steps each apparently. It's time to look in the mirror you want to be. The moon in your sky marks the way forward: that of independence. Remember the maxim of female star, "Just who reflects a sublime shining light." And that light’s not going to get where you are now. Far from it, things moving away from whom you want to be. So you have a clear choice: either your changing mechanics under which you work or find a new path. Staying in your comfort zone is not an option anymore. And is something you already do: to the 9th of this month, Jupiter moves away from Venus, and that means we will have problems with money and material. That which lavished us, no longer made with the same efficiency. So it's time to raise the head of the desk, that workspace, and look for the light that allows us to see another face. You have to claim, return, that fire that allows us to move forward in life with ease: the fire of passion and experience. Do not go wasting your life in a space where you do not have anything. There will be lots and lots for you further.

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