Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 2019

Feelings, love, closeness, skin; words and feelings that will be the center of the period beginning on the demanding but the generous shade of the star of Love. We should be firm aimed at fixing all relationships: do not let any toxic survive the scrutiny that you already do. To open the month, your ruling star, Venus, Saturn moves in a transition that will take toll on your relationship. Had you considered an affair? Have you ever committed an infidelity? Have you separated from the person you love for whatever reason? Saturn will put you back in your area, and you better forget about fleeting relationships and fleeting romances. And the mandate is simple: leave behind and created real urgencies, and you should get close to what matters, what is your essence and reason: the love of truth, desire and surviving setbacks which will remain for a lifetime. By the 9th, the Sun moves toward Saturn, and it will give good fruits in what you have to do with business always do that with opposite sex: if you are a man, work with a women, and vice versa. Sales, contracts, interviews are going to work out, and leave trails of light in your sky. Be especially careful around the third week of the month: Jupiter moves to the North Node, and they will make the Law of Karma have effects on your pocket.

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