Virgo Monthly Horoscope

October 2021

You will have good reason to worry about the material. Your finances back and positioned in a balanced situation, as you had not enjoyed in months. Thank the momentum is working wisely, investing wisely and dedicating your efforts to the plot of your life that should be maintained with particular attention: life partner, love, romance. You need to open the Pandora's Box that until now had chosen to ignore. The Moon in your Sky nests most of this month. Your claim relates to what to do and have not done in the field of love: you have to pay attention, assign spaces, open those areas of your heart that you had decided to leave closed. Yes: it's time to make a real commitment. Of course, it will not be easy. Sometimes love is a nuisance. You will feel (at times as a load) the demand of those who love you. Although you will feel overwhelmed at first, you will resolve the situation pleasing and helping to give the best of you. And, in the background you know, these claims are a blessing: it is the same light that shines on the moon in the sky. The light of love we reflect on and give us direction. And you'll have to make greater efforts in areas of love, for every opening and every engagement create new demands. And you must address them: that honor what you are responsible for.

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