Virgo Monthly Horoscope

January 2021

We must take firm steps towards your independence, which does not mean you have to be alone, with your partner or end leave home. It means, rather, it's time to clean up the kind of relationship that you keep. And they are not easy times: do not want to open your eyes, but you know something is not quite right. You're afraid of losing what you have if you do something to make things the way you've dreamed of ... It's time for you to know that there is no worse lie than that which we tell ourselves ... and we . Accept mandate of the Moon, which ever gets high on your Sky order to demand that you put on that topic to know urgent: your relationship. It's time to end this feeling that love you is irrelevant. Not what you should feel, do not let yourself be submerged in a accompanied solitude, do not take love as others will want to sell. There is only one form of love that helps us to grow, which makes us happy, which makes us feel happy to be on Earth. We know that stillness is your usual medium, and bet on the movement , the demands and changes gives you terror, but you know ( well) you cannot go on : it's time those negative influences that you just suffocate , disappear. Is the fear of loneliness that makes you refuse to look for what you deserve? Mars opposite Mercury transit grants you encounter will be of great benefit to your emotional development. You will have the strength to cross the bridges that tend to your feet, and the happiness to burn your ships and start again. What do you expect?

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