Virgo Monthly Horoscope

June 2024

Mercury opposes Saturn at the beginning of the month, and it blesses you in a very particular way. And you're someone who likes to open his eyes, expressing, make judgments. Show that in the world there is logic. And you will have opportunities to do so this month. Virgo, you are the most rational and reflective sign, and this month you will have reasons to show your talents. You have to express what you feel, yes, but you also have to think about what you must do and what others should do. Mercury opened the path, and it will be like someone took a bandage off, must pay attention to intuition, but also to face the facts. The problems will only be solved with good judgment and fair and timely decisions. Starting from the 10th, the Sun demands ambition from you. It's good to be who you are and open yourself to new experiences, but you get too into detail, and evade concrete action. Are you going to keep waiting for things to happen or will you cause things to? Only the desire to be better makes us climb up the hill. By the 18th, Mercury, your ruling planet rewards your efforts to stand before your sky, and puts in your hands the keys to hit that point that continues to slip out of your hands. It should be launched against the current, because on the other side waiting for us, is success. Last week sees trends defined by Jupiter (entering Saturn), we must look after the family, and those that depend on us.

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