Virgo Characteristics

Virgo Characteristics Element: Earth.
Ruling planet: Mercury.
Metal: Mercury.
Day of the week: Wednesday.
Perfumes: sandalwood and gardenia.
Color: light green.
Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42 and 51.

The Virgo sign is the only one that is represented by a woman; this sign is characterized by its precision, its conventionality, by its reserved attitude and his desire, which often tends to get obsessed with cleanliness. The native people of Virgo are observers and patient, these may sometimes seem to be cold and even struggle to make great friends.

The vast majority of times the Virgo relationships with others can become superficial, because these people are really afraid to release their feelings and lack the confidence in expressing their emotions and opinions. They prefer to act with reservation and show a pleasant disposition, they are people so discreet, friendly and fun with others whether or not being approached to assist in solving problems with great skill and wisdom which lacks in their own relationships.

Virgo at Work , Virgos tend to have greater success in the roles they have as subordinates rather than leaders because they lack the strategic vision that they need, therefore, they prefer clear objectives. The lack of self-esteem that these people have in them, makes them demand more of others, despite his sense of Justice, he does not impose with authoritarianism.

The native people of this sign are especially skillful in music, science and languages, they have a good memory which is why they succeed as librarians, administrators, accountants, scientists, social workers and book publishers. Other professions which they may succeed in, is as a doctor, secretary, speakers, writers, historians, nurses and as models thanks to good taste in clothes and their natural elegance.

Virgo in Love
Virgos is not passionate in love because of their need to maintain order and discipline, a factor preventing them to surrender to passion.

In reality, these people are more practical and realistic than romantic; to turn on their passion take your time, but once they get turned on, they undoubtedly make sparks happen, however after they are lit up, they can get turned off again with ease.

They are critical of their partners, they do not often talk of his innermost feelings, whoever want to get to know them deeply must be very tolerant, but once they have won their trust, without no doubt, they will have made a friend for life when this happens, they will show as delicate and affectionate people.

Areas for improvement: they are perfectionists are conservative and therefore worry too much; thanks to its severe side they can become very critical and hard on others.

Do not make him angry: they hate filth with all their might, disorder and danger too; they do not like vague people or uncertainty.

Virgo Characteristics

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